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Average Business Gas Bills in UK

Many businesses in the UK use gas for various purposes. Use of businesses gas ranges from just heating up your office in the winter to cooking food (restaurants and cafes) to large-scale gas-powered power plants generating electricity.

Gas Usage For Business

As a business gas user, it is important for your business to keep an eye on your business gas costs. Costs can quickly add up if you don’t keep on top of your contract. Things can go worse when you are not in a contract and paying much higher rates called ‘deemed rates’ or ‘deemed tariffs’.

Most businesses in the UK falls under 3 categories; Micro Business, Small Businesses and Medium Businesses. The gas consumption varies from business to business and it is not a good idea to compare total cost. The charges that need to be compared are the standing charge (or what is called daily rent) and the unit rate with the businesses of similar size. As with any other business model, if your business uses a lot of gas, you are likely to get better prices from energy suppliers compared to those with low or medium gas usage.

Gas Usage For Business

The chart below shows estimated annual spend on gas by businesses in the UK

You can use free price comparison services offered by Business Energy Shop to check if you are on competitive tariff or if you need help understanding your tariffs, call us on 0345 021 5000 and one of our highly trained energy consultant will walk you through any questions or concerns you have regarding your business gas bill.

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