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At Business Energy Shop, we are dedicated to help Brits save money on their car insurance. Our online car insurance price comparison service is free and can help you find cheap car insurance from a number of UK car insurance companies. Whether you are a new driver or a driver with many years of insurance under your name, we can get you a quote that suits your circumstances within 5 minutes.

Unlike other motor insurance websites, Business Energy Shop doesn’t offer any free gimmicks to our customers to get a car insurance quote or the policy.

One of the easiest ways to find cheap car insurance is to compare online quotes using our free car insurance price comparison services. We will show you great deals from a variety of UK’s most trusted insurance companies.


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Enter your details such as your age, car registration, address and your occupation.



Our price comparison tool will generate car insurances quotes from over 100 insurance companies.


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What details do I need to compare quotes?

Get a car insurance quote in minutes and if you’ve used us before, it’s even quicker than that. Having the following details at hand can speed things up:

Details of the car

The car's number plate is useful, but not essential. Please declare any modifications.

No-claims bonus

Details of your NCB in years. You can request this from your current insurer.

Details of drivers

You’ll need other drivers’ names and
licence details to add them to any policy.

Licence & convictions

Type of licence; how long you've had it; details of any points or disqualifications from the last 5 years.

Previous claims or accidents

Date, claim cost and accident type for any accidents
or claims in the last 5 years.

What level of cover should I choose?

There are three main levels of car insurance to choose from but it's worth comparing prices as the lowest level isn't always the cheapest option.

Third-party only

The lowest level of cover available. It insures you against damage caused to someone else or their property, including your passengers, as the result of an accident. It doesn't cover your car against repair or replacement. Read More

Third-party, fire and theft

Offers the same level of cover as third-party, but also covers your car for repair or replacement if it's stolen or damaged by fire.


Comprehensive car insurance gives you the most protection, covering you and your car as well as other people and their property. Although it offers the most protection, comprehensive insurance can sometimes be the cheapest of the car insurance policy types.

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Car insurance classes of use

When getting a quote, you'll also need to tell us how you use your car. There are 3 options:

Social only

This covers you and any named drivers for social only driving. Suitable if only use your car for things like visiting family and friends, shopping or holidays. It doesn't include cover for commuting to a place of work.

Social and commuting

Covers you and any named drivers on the policy for social use, as well as commuting to a permanent place of work, or driving to the train station while you catch the train to work.

Social only

This covers you and any named drivers for social only driving. Suitable if only use your car for things like visiting family and friends, shopping or holidays. It doesn't include cover for commuting to a place of work.

Car Insurance FAQs

Are there any changes in car insurance policies due to COVID-19?

Due to ongoing COVID-19 situation in the UK, employers and employees has seen a number of changes in their work. With increasing number of population working from home due to the lock restrictions imposed by the government, many people are driving less than they used to.

If your work pattern has changed and you drive less due to this change, you should keep an eye on when your insurance renewal is due as lesser mileage means reduction in car insurance policies.

If your employment has changed during this period or you have lost your job, do let your insurance provider know as it may affect your insurance premium.

Does a credit search during car insurance quote affect my credit history?

When you get a quote using any price comparison site or directly through an insurance company, there is usually a ‘soft search’ on your credit report. A ‘soft search’ is usually used to confirm your identity and doesn’t affect your credit report.

However, if you choose to buy your car insurance on a month/quarterly installment basis, you will see a ‘hard search’ in your credit report. This search is carried out the insurance provider to make sure that you will be able your installment plan during the length of your policy.

Is there a price difference if I buy car insurance on monthly basis?

Typically, the cost of your car insurance is cheaper if you pay the total amount upfront as the monthly installment plan will include a portion of interest; thus, making your annual premium go up.

What is compulsory and voluntary access?

A compulsory access is the amount of money you will pay if there is any claim through your insurance provider. A voluntary access is the amount of payment that you offer to pay towards a claim and is usually set when you buy your car insurance.