Corona Energy

Based in Hertfordshire, Corona Energy is one of the leading independent business electricity and gas supplier. With over 13,000 industrial and commercial energy customers, Corona Energy makes up 14% of the UK’s energy market.

It is quite easy to get prices from Corona Energy by using Smart Energy Price Comparison services.

Haven Power offers:

  • Deliver outstanding service by getting the basics right

  • Deliver the highest standards of operational excellence

  • Create a fresh approach to saving their customers time, energy and money

Corona Energy offers the following standards of service:

  • Corona Energy aims to respond to their customer queries within 48 hours.

  • Accurate monthly invoices using AMR meter, thus also eliminating the need of meter reading by customer or a third party.

  • 24/7 online account management making it easier for its customers to control their energy spend.

  • Seamless transfer from current energy supplier to Corona Energy

  • Expert advice to help you manage and reduce your energy consumption

  • Are able to supply 100% renewable energy to their customers

Tariffs offered by Corona Energy

  • Fixed and flexible tariffs for electricity and gas for businesses

  • Renewable tariffs for businesses

New Meter Connection Services by Corona Energy

If you have recently opened up your business in a premise that doesn’t have an electricity or gas meter or you have moved to a premise, where the energy supply was disconnected, Corona Energy can help you install a new meter and restore your electricity or gas supply.

There is no upfront cost for this service, however a business has to sign up a new 12-36 months electricity or gas supply contract. Part of new meter installation service.

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Switching to Corona Energy

Switching your energy supplier is easy with our free online price comparison service Alternatively, you can call our energy savings expert who will help you in each step of switching your energy supplier. Our services don’t just stop there, we will keep an eye on your contract expiry dates as to ensure that you keep paying the lowest possible prices for your energy.

How do I switch business energy supplier?

The easiest way to switch your energy supplier is with Business Energy Shop. Call us today, and if possible have the following information to hand:

  • Your business’s latest energy bill

  • Contract end dates

  • Your annual energy spend or consumption

If you haven’t got this information immediately available there’s no need to worry – we’ll still be able to get started on finding a better energy deal for your business. Speak to one of our experts today to cut your bills and start saving. Call 0345 021 5000.

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