Business Energy Shop Environmental Policy

Business Energy Shop considers that it is the responsibility of every business to adopt environmental practices that are helpful for it to operate it in a sustainable manner. We are fully committed to reducing our footprint over the environment and improving the ways we operate our business. This sustainable environmental action is not for a limited time period but rather it’s now a vital part of our business policy. And also it’s not limited to us, but we also encourage others who are directly and indirectly associated with us. Like our respectable customers, suppliers, vendors and other businesses associated with Business Energy Shop. Only in this way, we can make sure that the coming future ahead is safe and secure for our future generations to live in a sustainable healthy environment.

Our Core Environmental Policy is:

  • Our business fully complies with and supports the current environmental codes of practice and legislation.

  • We minimise our waste output by recycling it as much possible.

  • We minimised our usage of natural resources like water and also the use of energy in our buildings in order to conserve it effectively.

  • We reduced the usage of fossil fuels for our company vehicles and adopted a policy of using vehicles that utilize alternative energy or are hybrid. Also, we encourage our employees to make use of carpooling among them along with other forms of transport too.

  • We make sure that we are reducing the impact on the environment caused by our business operations on the local community in terms of air, water, noise and light pollution from our premises.

  • We make sure that the services or products we buy create the least amount of damage to the environment.

  • We assess all the new products we develop to be environmentally friendly.

  • We make sure that all of our employees conform to the highest standards of our environmental policy.

  • We address all the complaints and issues to a satisfactory level about any breach in our environmental policies.

  • We update and upgrade our environmental policies annually to comply with the international standards.