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All drivers are required to have an insurance when they drive a vehicle in the UK. If you drive a van either for private or commercial use, you need to have a van insurance policy in place. A van insurance covers you and your van in different risks in a similar way a car insurance covers cars. And just like car insurance policies, there are various types of van insurance policies available in the market.

A van insurance policy covers you if you end up in an accident and it can help you repair or replace your vehicle to keep your business on the road.

One of the easiest ways to find cheap van insurance is to compare online quotes using our free van insurance price comparison services. We will show you great deals from a variety of UK’s most trusted insurance companies.

Do you need a van insurance?

The short answer is, yes. You cannot legally drive your van on the roads without insurance, just as you cannot drive a car without insurance. If you fail to take out van insurance or drive your van without a valid policy, you could face court prosecution and a fine. Van insurance is relevant for people to which any of the following apply:

  • if you use a van privately for commuting or social purposes

  • if you use a van as a sole trader

  • if you use a van commercially or as part of a business.

There are two types of van insurance policy: a personal van policy and a commercial insurance policy. The former is suitable if you only use your van privately. If you use it for work, however, you will need to go for a commercial van insurance policy.

Types of van insurance covers

Just like car insurance covers, there are three types of van insurance covers available in the market.


Third Party only cover

Third party only van insurance covers the cost of any damage to another person, their vehicle or their property that’s caused by you driving your van – but it will not cover the cost of any damage to your own vehicle


Third party, fire and theft cover

A third party, fire and theft cover protects third party damage, fire and theft to your van. This cover doesn’t cover your van if it is damaged in an accident. This type of cover will also protect your van if it is caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.


Comprehensive Cover

A comprehensive van insurance covers your van for any accidental damage, and it also covers third parties and their vehicle or property in case you get into an accident. It also offers cover for any fire damage to your van, and can help to cover all or some of the cost of your van if it’s stolen

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Average van insurance cost in the UK

According to, the average van insurance premium was £1698.78 in 2019. Generally, van insurance tends to be more than a standard car insurance. This is because vans have larger engines and they more expensive to repair if things go wrong. Also, as the van are larger in sizes, they can cause more damage if they are involved in an accident. Also, as most of the vans are used for business purposes, they may carry tools, material, equipment and therefore the cost to cover the contents is higher than cars; thus, causing an increase in van insurance cover.

How to get a cheaper van insurance quote?

At Business Energy Shop, we make it really simple and easy to compare van insurance quotes from 60 insurance providers. You need to answer basic questions to get a quote. The information required to get a van insurance are:

  • Your occupation

  • Van registration number

  • Any modifications

  • Your age

  • Yearly mileage

  • Type of license

  • Any previous accidents or claims

  • Any additional driver

After you enter the above details, you will get a number of van insurance quotes from various insurance providers that you can compare and select to buy it online.

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Van Insurance FAQs

Do I need a van insurance?

An insurance is legal requirement if you have any type of vehicle and you use it or tend to use it on the road. A van cannot be covered under a car insurance, so you have to get a separate van insurance policy.

Does my van insurance allow me to drive abroad?

Different van insurance providers offer different policies and you need to check with your van insurance provider to see if they cover the van should you wish to travel abroad with your van. Some insurance companies do offer a top-up temporary cover if you are driving abroad occasionally and some insurance providers offer yearlong insurance cover that covers your foreign trips.

What is van content insurance?

If you use your van for business purposes, there’s a good chance that you’ll have some tools, equipment, merchandise or other materials in your van that are expensive to replace. If you are concerned about loss or damage to items that you store in your van, you will need to add contents to your insurance policy.

Most providers will offer van contents as an optional extra, though some comprehensive policies may include this as standard. Covering items in your van will increase your premium, so it may be worth taking your tools out of your van at night.

In any case, make sure you check your van policy thoroughly and do speak with your insurance provider if you have any doubts on insuring your content in the van.

Can I get a temporary van insurance?

If you are hiring a van for short term e.g. relocating or buying some DIY stuff and needs to carry to your home or place of work, you can get a temporary van insurance cover. Usually, a temporary van insurance cover can be bought covering between 1 to 28 days. Again, if you are carrying tools or equipment while using the van, it is a good idea to make sure that your van insurance cover will take care of your tools and equipment against theft or robbery.

Can I transfer my NCD from my car to my van?

Unfortunately, most providers do not allow you to transfer a no claims discount built up on a car insurance policy to a van policy. You would have to build up a no claims discount on a van insurance policy if you wanted to transfer them to a new policy or a new provider.